Friday, April 17, 2015


I've been plugging away at my tumblers a bit recently. Don't they look so pretty pinned up on the wall?

I have a bunch of them cut out, so I'll keep going. It's a hand piecing project, that means I won't be done any time soon!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Dargate Border

Do you remember the Dargate border print I recently picked up at Hetties Patch? It's just the prettiest fabric ever, and this week I finally grabbed the border print and my Montmellick quilt top and made the introduction ...

Aren't they just meant to be together? I'm really pleased with the combination now. As soon as I saw the fabric those weeks ago I just had to have some, and now I'm thinking it must have been a premonition. Happy days, I can't wait to get busy sewing!!

Chatter soon xox

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Quickie post ...

Just a quickie post today - I had a number of little triangles left over when I was cutting up the border fabric the other day, so I made a quick spiderweb mat ...

Thinking it was kinda cute, I pressed it into service on my bedside table. It actually works pretty well in here ... happy days! :-)

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Out and about ...

First up, I wanted to share that there is no going back ...

Sounds ominous doesn't it? But it's not so bad ... unless I decide I want to reattach the border print to the Montmellick quilt ... because I've made it into table runners already!

It really does look lovely made into table runners ... and I wasn't thrilled with the fabric on the other project ... if only I could decide what I'd like to do instead! I haven't had many opportunities to think about it though, I've been super busy - each day has been filled to the max with various outings - though only a few have been quilt related - one I'll share with you today ...

On Monday last week, some of my guild buddies and I made a trip to Umbrella Prints. We've been wanting to visit with them since they were visitors at guild last year. They have a fantastic studio space, and they share with Nest Studio which runs art classes for kids.

The Umbrella Prints girls are just darling, and we had a great time with them - I just adore their fabrics which are organic cotton and hemp. I love that being part of guild has expanded my horizons in the quilting world - it wasn't so long ago that I would never have heard of them in my own quilting circles, and though I'm still a vintage girl at heart, I'm already imagining ways I'll be able to use their prints in my own work.

The big heart print you see there is what drew me in when they visited at guild. The shop that was visiting on the same night had a wrap skirt made in this fabric, and I snapped up the pattern immediately. The fabric was not available at the time, but I knew I'd have to make some mine in the future.

Another thing that drew me in, and I just had to take home for the nostalgia value was the wooden mushroom knitting nancy. Do you remember doing tomboy stitch when you were a kid? I made miles of it ... I wonder whatever happened to it all??

Something else I purchased and neglected to take pictures of was a couple of packages of their 'Trimmings' - they're running a competition on their website so go and check it out. You make something with your trimmings, submit a picture of your creation and you'll be in the running to win some lovely prizes. I hope to be able to give it a go - I've had a few ideas, it's just time that I'm running short of :-)

And lastly from that outing, I just thought I'd share some painting tips that were on the blackboard in the art studio - hints that are relevant for quilting too, don't you think??

The last picture for today is one that I had to snap while I was doing chores the other day ...

Holly is hiding under my quilt which is hanging in the dining room ... I'm sure she thinks she's completely invisible!!

And for the absolute final thing ... when you have a chance, do pop on over to Sue Garman's blog, In addition to the fabulous eye candy that she always shares, this month Sue has also shared an excellent tutorial on binding your quilt. She binds the same way I do, but also takes some extra steps to make the binding super professional looking. Definitely worth checking out.

Chatter soon! xox

Monday, March 23, 2015

Scrapping ...

One of my favourite things to do with small projects is to make up scrappy backings for them. It helps me to feel like I'll get through all my scraps someday ...

In the big scheme of things, I don't really use up all that much ... but some of them are fabrics I probably wouldn't have used otherwise. And when I use up my scraps of batting too, it feels really virtuous :-)

And because I'm sure you were just dying to know ...

Yesterday's pavlova was a success. And when it was time for dessert ... it was demolished completely! To make it marginally healthier than normal, I used yoghurt instead of cream - the tang of the yoghurt worked really nicely with the sweet meringue. I think I'll be doing it again.

Back to the sewing machine now ... I have lots of quilting to get done! xox

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stitching Day

Today I had the most lovely day stitching with my lovely Guild buddy Roz at her home. My new friend Yvonne was there also, and Camo came for the day to hang out with Roz's little people - they had a great day too!

Whenever we spend time together, we always laugh, chatter, snack and generally have a really fun time, and the day just disappears way too fast. I did get some sewing (and unsewing) done that's been nagging me for a little while:

The Montmellick mystery has been calling to me, and I just haven't been interested in working on it. I finally acknowledged what has been in the back of my mind. I really just didn't like the border I'd chosen for this quilt. It's not that I didn't like the fabric - I love it, but I didn't feel it was perfect for this project - and I needed to do something about it.

But first, I sewed a few more of the little stars to put in place on the second last border. I got the four done in the picture above, so there are only eight left to go now. And after I was done with the fun stuff, I got busy unpicking and removed the outer border. I need to do more investigating to see what I'd like to use instead.

Maybe it'll be this lovely print I picked up at Hetties last week? I haven't put the top and the fabric together yet to see if they play nicely, but it's a contender :-)

The border print that I removed won't go to waste - I know it'll make lovely table runners, and it won't take long to whip them up as it's already cut into strips.

Last of all, Amy and I went to Ikea on Friday night (surprising I know!). Amy needed some bits and pieces for her room, and I wanted to pick something up that I've coveted for a while:

I pinned this trolley on Pinterest a while ago thinking it'd be great to put my hand stitching in. I thought I could have it by me while I'm in the lounge or the family room, and when I'm done wheel it back into the sewing room and everything stays tidy. I didn't buy it straight away as I didn't want it to be just a whim and turn into clutter - but after passing over it a couple of times while I was in Ikea and many months down the track, I still wanted it, so I gave in and bought it. And I'm super happy that I did! Now I just need to get busy filling it with my favourite bits and pieces.

Tomorrow we have a dinner to go to, and I'm planning to bring a pavolva for dessert - I thought I'd get started tonight, but it's getting late, so that'll be a job for tomorrow. Instead I'll spend a little time at the sewing machine.

Well, that's it from me - chatter soon! xox

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tap, tap, tap ...

Is this thing on?? I know I've been such a slacker not checking in and posting ... and my dear sweet friend Faye gave me a gentle nudge last Saturday when I bumped into her at the Guild's Country Forum day. Now that I know you're checking in Faye, I'll be sure to post a little more often :-) ... Hahaha, famous last words!!

Just a quick happy snap today, some things you've seen, and one or two that you haven't:

In the baggie there at the back, is a charity project that I quilted for the guild, I worked hard to get it ready on time, but silly me I forgot to take it to the meeting. Never mind, I'll be able to drop it off to the next one and soon someone will be able to enjoy it.

One of the runners has been quilted and bound - that's it on the left there, and I've quilted the spiderweb mats that you've already seen (but yet to bind them) and I've made a while lot more. I really love working thru my stash in this way - but I always seem to replenish it - I picked up the cutest fabric last week at Hetties - I'll share that one next time.

And I shared a little while back that I was starting soon with the Ladies Doubles team on Wednesday mornings - well this was my first week with them. They're all just delightful, and I had a great time - I played three sets - one with each of the three ladies on my team. We won the first two sets 6-3 and 6-0, and the third we lost in a tiebreaker. Still a great result, and I learned later that my team won the day and it was their first win for the season. I'm entirely thrilled!! I cannot wait for next week.

Well, that's it for today - I promise to be back much sooner next time!!

Monday, March 09, 2015

And some spiderwebs ...

Today I've been working on some spiderweb placemats. I've made so many of these -  I seriously think it could be more than 100! I may be able to make them in my sleep, but I do love working on them :-)

That cute floral print is left over from the backing of the strippy quilt - it's so pretty, I really like it.

One of the things I always like to do when making up spiderweb mats, is to use up all my little random pieces of batting.

We all have these strips trimmed from the edges of our quilts - I keep them for use in small projects - you wouldn't believe how much I actually get used up. For small items, I use basting spray on the backing - abut the pieces of batting (don't overlap the edges) trim to size if necessary, and finally spray baste once again and lay the top piece on to the batting. Super easy, and feels like you've got a free batt!

Once I got busy quilting, I had a little visitor:

I had to lay an old quilt down for her as she was determined to lay by the machine. Definitely didn't want Gracie on the runners I'll be quilting on soon. She's like camouflage kitty - very hard to get a good picture of this kitty.

Well, it's back to the machine for me - chatter soon!

Ohh, whoops, I almost forgot to mention - Judy really liked the little mat that I gave to her on Saturday. And for our last outing for the summer season, my tennis team won the day, Judy and I won our doubles 6-2 6-2, and I won my singles 9-6. A wonderful result! I cannot wait for next summer :-)


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